A Dog’s Purpose Book Review

The paperback edition.

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I am admittedly a huge dog person. Ever since my mom and stepdad got our Wheaten Terrier, Shelby (and later, our other Wheaten Terrier, Charlotte), I’ve loved them unconditionally and I gained a soft spot for all dogs. You can just ask my growing stuffed dog collection living on my bed.

So naturally, a novel about a dog written in the way humans think about dogs was right up my alley.

This book was life-changing for me. Reading about how a dog can have a greater purpose in life and how a dog can live through many lives to come back and help his people made me both laugh and cry.

Lately, Shelby’s been going through some health troubles. She’s doing alright now, but for a few months, we had no idea which way things would go.

Reading A Dog’s Purpose made me feel so much better as I went through all of this. It’s a strangely comforting thought, the idea of a dog being reborn and remembering their previous life. They take the lessons they learned from their different lives and through this, they live out their great purpose.

For Bailey, it was to save people—especially his boy Ethan. 

And the best part about all of this is it was equal parts funny and heartwarming. There were some sad moments, but it all worked out in a way that was sweet but wasn’t too sentimental.

I can’t wait to read more books by W. Bruce Cameron. A Dog’s Purpose gave me a lot to think about, especially with my own Wheaties.

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